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Event Application Form F1

Event Application Form F1

Form reference: 2214701

Event Details

The Darlington Public Events Safety Group (PESAG) would like you to provide basic details of your event by completing this form.

This will allow the Council and emergency services (fire, ambulance and police) to provide you with advice on safety, street closures and licences.

Please submit this form as soon as possible. Do not wait until the details for your event are finalised.
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A location plan should accompany this application - showing the event area, entrances/exits, the nearest access roads and car parking areas. A separate site plan showing the proposed positions of stalls, marquees, arena, and exhibition units would also be helpful.

Specifically, is this event a....

Will all income raised go to the Charity concerned?

Is the event limited to friends/relatives
If held at a school, is the event limited to staff/children/parents?

Is the event free?This item must be specified

Will you be selling programmes?This item must be specified

Have you obtained written permission from the land owner?This item must be specified

Estimated number of persons attending at any one time:

Estimated number of persons attending during the event:

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